Aerial Dance Fusion Performers



We’re often asked about where and how to learn to dance as we do. The truth is we’ve been working on this fusion of styles for years. That being said, there are a lot of backgrounds that we can work with while focusing on connection and lead/follow communication.

We are providing private lessons while in-process on a more general class series. Feel free to contact us below, through our Facebook, or catch us out dancing to schedule a time!

Alternatively, you can see a collection of Aerials via the Instructional Series. If you’d like to seek out local lessons, we suggest the following resources:

  • Austin Swing Syndicate – Featuring one of the longest running weekly Swing dances in the country. The Swing Syndicate hosts a dance every Thursday night at the Fed and there are typically hundreds in attendance and beginner lessons planned with admission! With such a large welcoming community, it is easy to find other dancers of all levels. Incidentally, this is where Dylan started dancing, too long ago to discuss.
  • Austin Blues Community – Code Blue is a great weekly blues dance held in South Austin on Friday nights at GoDance. The ABC also puts on an annual Austin Blues Party that draws dancers from all over the country!
  • Austin Social Dance Coalition – Great group of locals seeking out dance opportunities nearly every night.
  • Local Dance Studios – GoDance is a good place to start for most dance styles, but there are many in the area. Austin Inspired Movement has been bringing other forms such as Zouk and Kizomba to town. Additionally, there are a variety of Facebook groups to keep up with everything happening around the city.