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We’re often asked about where and how to learn to dance as we do. The truth is we’ve been working on this fusion of styles for years. That being said, there are a lot of backgrounds that we can work with while focusing on connection and lead/follow communication. We are providing private lessons while in-process …

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Check out the full RISE ABOVE Video and Story HERE!   RISE ABOVE – Flight of the Phoenix  is a story about facing demons and personal transformation. The path to production was a lot of work but also a lot of fun! Please enjoy our Behind the Scenes featurette above. We go through the whole process, …

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See the path to production in our Behind the Scenes featurette!   This is Dylan, and I’m writing to tell you about Misty. Let’s say this began a year ago when we shattered her heel. That’s a beginning that makes sense, and this story needs a beginning. We were practicing a new trick. We were …

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Wren Wild – I put a spell on you

Inspired by Adam Savage and during the National Week of Making, we put together a new video and amped up our level of production! Please check out the first steps of a much larger project we’re taking on over the coming months. It was a ton of fun putting this together!