Aerial Dance Fusion Performers


No particular order


From Slight Lift


Low split spin (sweep)

Circle up

Press (locked arms down)

. bicycle around



High back stationary

. Convertible

. Head movement

. Leg movement

. Flip to swan stationary

Walk around stationary

. Direction changes

Split stationary

. from Counterbalance

. from plank



. from outside turn, lead closes distance

Grounded Lunge stationary

. into standing

. can reverse direction

*Long Arm stationary

. from outside turn w/ leg attitude



Double lean

Leg up counter

. to drag

. Dip & rotate into arabesque





Body rolls

Head movement



Tilt turns


From Push Off

Dirty Dancing

. High Star

Swan Over

Walk Over (inverted Tuck to Splits)

. Arched Thigh Stand

*Jump In – white whale

. W/ Spin


From Pumps

Hi Shoulder Round (T Spin)

. dip out

. snake out*

Around the World


From Dip

Traveling Back Spin – no

Plank dip

. slide

. slide under arm to standing

. Tick tocks

. one hand on back of neck

Jay Lock dip

Arch dip to leg wrap to triforce

Arch dip to hands/ dancer to split stationary

Swimmy arch dip

. sweeps side to side

*Arched back spin one leg, lead both hands waist – ballerina

*Wrapped Up Forward Lean – Tango Lean or intro to Tango Twist?



360 degree

Head under



C lean

. MIsty C dip?

Traveling together

Role reversal (switch)

Steal dance

From Open Position

Arm Hang

Chest Press

Toe Drag

Roll up

. to shoulder?


Hi Splits

. laid out dip

. from closed as well

Hi Leg Counterbalance – leg up

. across lead’s body


From Closed Position

Split Lean

. Walk Around

.. Both Sides

Cobra Sweeps

Standing Side Lift

. Bicycle around

. Upside Down Dip

. Knees to Chest/ shoulder

.. slide down leg tango style

Hi Splits

. laid out dip

. from open as well

Tango lean

Tango twist

*Tango lean split switch

*Tango high hold to between legs sliding splits


From Counterbalance

Shoulder Round

Shoulder Mount

. Helicopter

. A-frame

Arched Thigh Stand


From Cradle

Center Stage

Roll Up

. to shoulder

*Fur Coat Drop


Spin In

Constant Turns

Single leg turns (fast)

Misty Spin

. outer turn

Misty prep

. into inverted/spinning dip

Neck Spin

. to Drag

. to Shoulder


. from Cuddles

Around the world

. Pop to shoulder


From Stopped

Arabesque lift

Shoulder sit

High Back Bend

. after Toe Drag

Split Spin

Breach Whale

Tuck Dip

Full circle swan

. Regular swan

. To carousel

Tango twist

. From cuddles center close

. Stag knee down

. Release right grip to twist

. Rise up to stationary spin

. Floor to ground launch or flip up


From Floor

Flip Up

. after arm hang

. laid down

Ground Launch

. after Breach Whale

Dirty Diana

Floor Lean*

. lead on floor


To work

Backwards leap into arms