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Behind the Scenes

Check out the full RISE ABOVE Video and Story HERE!   RISE ABOVE – Flight of the Phoenix  is a story about facing demons and personal transformation. The path to production was a lot of work but also a lot of fun! Please enjoy our Behind the Scenes featurette above. We go through the whole process, …

News Storytelling Video


See the path to production in our Behind the Scenes featurette!   This is Dylan, and I’m writing to tell you about Misty. Let’s say this began a year ago when we shattered her heel. That’s a beginning that makes sense, and this story needs a beginning. We were practicing a new trick. We were …

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Wren Wild Debut

We debuted with S&S Production‘s Sexy Swan Dive Series, this past thursday night August 27th! While we’ve been doing aerial dance socially for the past two years, this was the first time we performed ‘on stage’ as a duo. We had an amazing time and hopefully did the song a bit of justice. It was …