Aerial Dance Fusion Performers

Aerial List

From Push Off

Dirty Dancing and Star Variation

Swan Roll

Walk Over

Walk Over to Thigh Stand

From Pumps

High Shoulder Round

Around the World

From Open Position

Arm Hang

Arm Hang to Flip Up

Chest Press

Toe Drag

Clothesline Dip

From Closed Position

Split Lift

Lift to Deep Dip

Leg Lift (both sides)

Cobra Sweeps

Knee to Chest

Drop Dip

Standard Dip

Plank Dip to Slide Out

From Counterbalance

Arched Thigh Stand

*Shoulder Round

*Shoulder Mount

*Shoulder Mount Helicopter to A-frame variant

From Cradle

Center Stage

*Fur Coat Drop

From Spin In

Misty Spin

Neck Spin to Shoulder Mount


From Stopped

Split Spin

Breach Whale

Breach Whale to Ground Launch

*Roll Up

*High Back Bend

From Floor

Flip Up

Ground Launch

*Floor Lean