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Practice – Hallelujah, Christmas Eve

Happy Holidays from Wren Wild! We decided to visit our favorite spot and dance to a very personal and loved song, ‘Hallelujah’ – Rufus Wainwright  

Video from Fall Fest!

We performed a half-time show on behalf of Brass Ovaries for the Texas Rollergirls Fall Fest at the Bloodshed in S Austin! Had to put this one together real quick, but it turned out a ton of fun to perform! We focused on tricks with a little bit of story built in as always. One …

Highline performance at Swan Dive

Thanks to our friend Glen Burchers and his daughter, we have video from the best angle! We practiced this piece with this view in mind, but ended up performing in the round. A great show, either way. Big thanks again to everyone who made the night possible!  

Rhythm of Austin

Put together by our friend Mary from One-2-One as a university project, The Rhythm of Austin explores the motivations and passions of dancers in the Austin community. We were interviewed as well, but the audio sadly did not come out. Thankfully some of the footage worked, and you can see us dancing along with a …

Wren Wild on Youtube

The Youtube channel is live! Subscribe to see videos of our practice and our performance. Follow along with us as we grow!